Image and Style Evaluation

Updating your image will raise your self-esteem. Having your own style and polishing your look increases your potential both personally and professionally.

In an Image and Style Evaluation, we discuss your lifestyle, current look, and the look you want to achieve. It’s important to create a signature style that works with your personality.

Your face shape and bone structure are analyzed, and a full body alignment will calculate what type of clothing flatters your body type. Necklines, patterns and fabrics should complement your figure. You will learn how to hide any problem areas and accentuate your best features.

Coco Chanel once said, “Clothing is architecture: It is a matter of proportions.”

Your skin is tested to determine which colors works best with your skin tone and hair color. Wearing the right colors for you instantly brings your face to life. By the end of the session, you will know what colors work for you, why those are your colors, and the power of color.

Scarves, belts, jewelry, handbags and shoes can make or break an outfit. Learn how to dress with style and individuality, by using accessories to personalize and complement your outfits. Clothing tells the story of who you are. Make sure you are creating the right image.

Hair dressers often do what THEY like, with YOUR hair. You will learn which hairstyles suit your face shape and bone structure, along with hair colors that suit your complexion. Skin care, nutrition, and make-up tips are offered, and we will discuss the power of body language, along with the hidden messages you are putting across.

Imagine waking up every morning and effortlessly dressing with confidence… By the end of the consultation you will know exactly what looks good on you and why, which immediately saves you time and money on future shopping trips.

My philosophy is that everyone has the potential to look and feel fabulous!