Andrea Maria Sims is a Fashion Stylist, Image Consultant, Holistic Nutritional Advisor and Photographer, currently living in the Northern Rivers, Australia. She has also worked as a Freelance Writer and Street Style Photographer for Aspen Sojourner Magazine in America. Andrea has produced and styled two major fashion shows, and has done styling and photography work for many well known companies and clients, including The St Regis, Aspen Model Team, and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

Over the past twenty years Andrea has traveled extensively, and lived in many different countries. One of her favourite things about traveling is learning about different aspects of style from around the globe, and experiencing other cultures and ways of life.

Andrea specialises in feminine, romantic and fashion photography.

Trained and certified by the prestigious Image Resource Centre in New York City, Andrea has a certificate in Wardrobe and Style Analysis.

As a certified Holistic Nutritional Advisor, she believes that looking great is about feeling great from the inside out.

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Published Magazine Articles by Andrea

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Cocktail Party Bags Ladies Bags Ladies All in the wrist All in the wrist

Fashion Ads featured in Magazines ~ Photography by
Andrea Maria Sims






Royal Caribbean Cruises ‘Wonderland’ Launch Party

Photography and Styling by Andrea Maria Sims

Fashion Shows Produced and Styled

by Andrea Maria Sims

The Red Runway Fashion Show ~ Aspen, Colorado, 2011

Clothing from Faboo, Aspen Denim Exchange, Von Freytag and Testosterone

Produced and Styled by Andrea Maria Sims

Models from Aspen Model Team Agency

Vintage Fashion Show ~ Aspen, Colorado,

Produced and Styled by Andrea Maria Sims

Clothing from Susie’s Consignment and Von Freytag

Models from Aspen Model Team Agency

A presentation by Andrea Maria Sims for the St Regis Hotel, on dressing with

exceptional style and grooming in a 5 Star workplace